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Alas, this service does not exist, so while waiting for geeks and venture capitalists to get their act together [and if someone is interested, please give me a call] , let me explain how to achieve similar results with the help of already available tools. Pipes Before I show how to put these services together, let me briefly explain what each of them does if you already know this, skip the next two sections. RSS feeds allow you to easily access frequently changing contents of the web sites, such as blogs, forums, news, and, in our case, shopping-specific posts.

Now, that you know how to read RSS feeds in the RSS reader of your choice I assume that by this point you've picked one , you can subscribe to RSS feeds from your favorite shopping sites see links above , but don't do this, yet or you will risk spending most of your day catching up with the subscription posts. To save time and effort, you should filter posts returned from these feeds by the type of product you're interested in, and this is where Yahoo!

Pipes comes in. Pipes is a free service, which lets you combine and apply filters to one or more RSS feeds. The resulting feed will return only posts matching your criteria.

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Once you define a pipe, you can receive notifications of the new posts via an RSS reader, e-mail, or phone. To understand the basics of Yahoo! Pipes, see this four-minute Yahoo! Pipes to search for bargains?

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You have a couple of options: you can use a pipe built by someone else, or you can build your own. Option 1. Use someone else's pipe. While writing this post, I discovered that other people already built shopping-oriented pipes. For example, Shiva Hothu made two pipes to search for hot deals. Both pipes let you specify up to three search filters , and each filter accepts one or more words.

The pipe will scan the most popular hot deals sites looking for the posts matching your criteria it will look for the exact match of all text entries defined in each filter. There is one difference between these pipes: the first pipe will scan the complete posts' descriptions, while the second pipe will only look at the posts' titles. At this point, you can do various things with the customized pipe. You can generate a widget Yahoo! Or you can set up an e-mail or phone -based notification , so that you will be informed immediately once the pipe detects new posts matching you criteria via the Results by Email or Phone menu.

A limitation of the existing pipe approach is that it does not allow you to define the more precise search criteria.

Enter a category to filter by.

Since you cannot add the fourth search filter p and an exclude criterion ViewSonic to these pipes, you can consider building your own as described in option 2. Option 2.

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