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However, it has the Fox News app for some reason.


Just the background. I can't hide or uninstall any of the built-in apps or access an app store. Only thetimezone. On the flip side, the digital tuner works fine and it displays video from external devices. Hence the reason why I am using a chromecast with it. Sound quality poor, connections were terrible and remote sucked!

To add to that, I only got to use for a couple of months and now I can no longer use. When turning on, it freezes on the Westinghouse symbol screen. So disappointed Sound is horrible, have to turn volume up to highest level to hear. Only channels working were Netflix and Youtube.

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Only one year in and we have lost Youtube and most of the remaining sound. The remote crashed out after six months, so TV is not smart anymore I have never had a TV remote break before in my 5 decades of life. The bad. Netflix is the only feature that works and only after reading setting up after each power cycle and exiting out of several error screens.

Took home and hooked up to hard wired internet connection. Powered up and needed to manually set that I want to use LAN connection.

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Brings up attached image. If you press close then Netflix button you can bring up Netflix.

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Unfortunately next time you turn on you need to do all over again. YouTube and other features don't work at all. If you have cable tv this may work for you but if you where looking for internet tv this is useless. TV is really slow and at times takes 10 to 20 seconds to catch up on selections.

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I own 2 other smart TV'S and to mirror my smart phone is easy. Contacted Westinghouse and this feature is not on this unit!!! When using Netflix this TV lagged out a few times and only a few feet from wireless router, needs to be hard wired. The Tv picture is great quality, works great with wired connections, not very stable with wireless.

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