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If you have email templates in your Salesforce organization that you want to use in Gmail, Groove allows you to utilize and customize these templates directly in Gmail. You can also track emails and receive notifications when they are opened, giving you intelligence you need about your constituents.

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Get Groove on the AppExchange What it syncs: Email, attachments, calendar, activities, events, contacts, accounts, leads, and Salesforce email templates. Free Trial: 30 days.

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CloudFactor not only provides lead, contact, account, opportunity, and activity history in your Gmail environment, but also provides Chatter updates. With Chatter updates in Gmail, you can gather important intelligence from your internal Salesforce community about the person you are corresponding with. You also have the ability to view your Chatter feed directly in Gmail, while having the ability to write posts and comments. With the embedded Twitter widget, you can access social network content giving you an even deeper insight into your constituents.

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Similar to the other two apps, you can edit your Salesforce information directly from Gmail as well create new leads, contacts, opportunities, or activities on the fly. Get CloudFactor on the AppExchange What it syncs: Email, attachments, calendar, activities, events, contacts, accounts, leads, opportunities, cases, calls, tasks, Chatter, and Twitter widget. Ebsta includes many of the same features as discussed in the apps above including viewing Chatter updates within Gmail.

Get Ebsta on the AppExchange What it syncs: Email, attachments, calendar, activities, events, contacts, accounts, leads, opportunities, calls, tasks, Chatter, and LinkedIn available. These options not only allow you to track all your constituent correspondence and activity within Salesforce, but also provide great time saving measures. I can view and edit any SalesForce information without leaving Gmail. That way I can prioritise who to call first. Worth a try! Prospects and sales reps are all to easily lost in a sea of content. Rather than searching through hundreds of emails, wiki links or dropbox files to find the particular product update memo, a mobile sales enablement app can make updates easy to find in a fraction of the time.

With Millenials estimated to make up 75 percent of the global workforce by , you can also make your employees more productive by meeting their preference to consume content on the go. However, mobile sales enablement can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively. This means implementing a mobile sales enablement strategy now could give you a competitive advantage.

While other companies grapple with how to keep their sales teams up to date, and their reps spend precious time searching their email box, reading through volumes of wiki pages or searching through files in cloud storage, yours can be having impactful and engaging conversations with customers. Think about how Whatsapp has replaced email, making communication and sharing photos instant, quick and easy without needing to log-on. Mobile sales enablement can have a similar impact on your sales teams.

Ebsta coupon code

However, I have always tried to cover even vendors that target small companies in my list of Sales Enablement market players. Access all your programs, documents and files from anywhere, without having to entrust your data to a cloud service. And your data stays where it belongs. On your hard drive, and nowhere else. Update November 5, :. Sales, or closing deals in general, is no longer a 9-to-5 job.

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And so having perfectly-timed actionable information, and the right tools to take action, is the winning formula. We give you both, as opportunities happen, immediately. Currently, we are free for individual users, and have a paid tier for enterprises. Dropbox partners with Microsoft to offer Office integration in the next few weeks.

Office for iPad users will access Dropbox files within apps and share via Dropbox. Access Dropbox files from the Office app and save new files to Dropbox.

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You can now sync your docs and keep them safe without leaving the Office app. Presentation Mode Evernote is making meeting faster and more collaborative by eliminating the need for slides. As you talk your team through your work, the note stays open on your computer allowing you to immediately take feedback and make changes.

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